A cop with relationship problems while he is in charge of transporting a criminal to Japan is not a good mix. Actually, beyond a problem, it is a recipe for disaster. Did I mention that because he has been dumped his looks have changed drastically? Buckly in folks as almost everything is over the top in Enter the Fat Dragon. I mean, with a title like that what else were you expecting?

Donnie Yen plays Hong Kong police detective. A Special Task Force agent to be more precise. In other words, he is a big shot. A role model for his peers. A man with a great arrest rate. He always gets his man. Plus a rare law enforcement person which the public actually likes. Then things start to go wrong. His job is in jeopardy and his relationship suffers.

Love gets in the way. Actually it is a broken heart as his fiancee dumps him right before the wedding. This leads to a long bout of overeating and then three months pass and he is 300 pounds. So now he is overweight and assigned to the desk at work. The dumps!

So it is totally logical when he is given the task of escorting a criminal to Japan. He has gotta not lose him and keep him safe. Sounds straight forward enough, right? Especially for such an esteemed detective. Nope. Said criminal escapes. While trying to recapture him, he realizes there is something rotten in Denmark. Or at least in the police force. Conspiracies abound.

Ok, that is pretty much the story. Doesn’t really matter because you are here for the ass whooping and the belly laughs. While there are enough of the latter the action is good. Will remind fans of the style out of Hong Kong in the late 80s/early 90s.

Bottom line message is that no matter if you are attractive and thin or fat and average looking that you should love yourself………..I guess you were not expecting that from an action/comedy film.

Special Features:

  • Original trailers