In Bright Axiom

What is real and what is not is the question at the heart of this documentary by Spencer McCall. At the House of Latitude the two are indistinguishable. If you are invited then you must accept that.

The House of Latitude is a secret society which claims to offer its members an experience which will be life changing. An all encompassing social experiment is what they have to be accepting about. Trust. You have to trust them. Plus discretion. You cannot talk about House of Latitude.

A group known as Nonchalance are behind House of Latitude, located in San Francisco. They are all creative types – artists, storytellers, designers, and the like. They want their members to welcome the unknown. How they delve into that are through elaborate mazes, role playing games and other strangely creative ways.

In an, at times, confusing mix of documentary and fantasy, In Bright Axiom is nothing if it is not strange. Quite strange. So much so that I don’t really know what to say about it. Is the director exposing a cult? Is is just a farce? Not sure.

I think most of the confusion is because the director is too close to his subject. I am not sure about his perspective or lack thereof. Like a boxer bobbing and weaving, the film just skirts around things. Is he hiding things?

Then we find out that the society shuttered its doors. After asking and receiving for money from their members.

Throughout the film I was wondering, like the House of Latitude mantra, whether this was all fact or fiction.

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