Useless Humans

Nothing like an alien crashing your birthday party to ruin the vibe, right? This is what director Stephen Ohl’s (first feature film) Useless Humans is about. Now, that might seem rather silly at first glance, but if you take some time to think about it then you might change your mind and think it is actually a good premise for a sci fi/horror/comedy film.

That being said, a premise does not a good movie make. Most have at least a decent one and there are plenty of terrible films out there.

This is the perfect time for a film like this – a cheesy, B movie film which is just there to mindlessly entertain you. Just roll with it folks and don’t expect too much. It’s kinda fun!

Many small budget B films suffer due to a lack of talent. I am here to say that the cast does a pretty good job. None are fantastic while none are so bad that they bring down the film.

As for the effects in the gore sections, well, those are pretty bad, but in a kinda funny way. Typical of B film sci fi. Also that rubber suit for the alien is worthy of a couple of giggles just by itself.

For his 30th birthday, Brian (Josh Zuckerman – Austin Powers in Goldmember, The Hottest State) and his friends, who were tight and now have drifted apart as life has gotten in the way, decide to head to a remote cabin in the woods to spend some time together. Like in the old days.

The four childhood friends, Brian, Louis (Rushi Kota – from television’s Grey’s Anatomy), Jess (Davida Williams – from television’s As the World Turns), and Alex (Luke Youngblood – from television’s Community), are having an alright time when things take a turn for the worse.

Soon they are running to save their own lives as an unexpected guest has turned up at the birthday weekend. An alien! Now they not only have to save themselves but maybe even the entire planet.

Many will dismiss it outright, but I say give it a chance and you might find yourself laughing along.

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