“Gordon Lightfoot: If You Could Read My Mind” Documentary on Folk-Rock Legend Opens JULY 29

Virtual Cinema Opening On July 29 at the Film Forum in NY, Laemmle in LA

Featuring commentary from Alec Baldwin, Sarah McLachlan,

Geddy Lee, Tom Cochrane, and Randy Cochran

 Director/WritersMartha Kehoe, Joan Tosoni
ProducersMartha Kehoe and Joan Tosoni
Exec. Producers:John Brunton, John Murray, Allan Slaight and Gary Slaight
Cinematographer:Kristoff Rochon
Editors:Alex Shuper

In Canada’s history, there are few people who signified the nation’s modern confidence in its arts more than Gordon Lightfoot. This singer-songwriter’s singular talent in music changed the world’s opinion of Canada’s culture with his tremendous variety of songs that both celebrated the nation and touched its soul. Sparing nothing about Lightfoot’s personal weaknesses and failures as well as his triumphs, this film covers Lightfoot’s career from his own words and his closest associates with recordings of his greatest hits.

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