Trevor Noah: You Laugh But It’s True

One of the biggest comedians working today is Trevor Noah. He not only hosts The Daily Show, but also doe shows as a stand-up comedian. A few years back he took over from Jon Stewart as the host and his popularity exploded.

Unlike many specials from comedians this one is not him doing stand-up per se. It is a lead up to his first one-man show. It gives you a lot more of an access to the man, where he comes from and what he is all about.

Filmed in 2011, here we get to hear about the South African’s upbringing and what got him to the cusp of stardom. We learn he is biracial and was quite poor growing up.

Truly an example of the personal informing the political. His experiences growing up biracial and poor really informs his comedy. Allows you to understand a little bit about what it is like living and growing up in South Africa.

Loads of personal moments. Not only do we get to meet his grandmother, but we go through the experience of his mother being the victim of a crime. Shows us that not everything is shits and giggles in the lives of comedians. That they are humans too.

The documentary is streaming on Plex.

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