Lake of Death

When Lillian’s (Iben Akerlie – Victoria, Mortal) twin brother vanishes, everyone asumes the worst. A year later, she, along with some of her friends, decide to go to the family cabin in the woods to say their goodbyes to him.

What starts off as a poignant weekend quickly becomes a nightmare. Things which only can be described as creepy and frightful begin occuring. On the regular.

Even more frightening is that reality and what happens in Lillian’s nightmares begin to meld into one. The lines between real and imaginary are becoming totally blurred. There is a local legend or myth which seems to be authentic. Or is it just one of them making this all happen? It is a struggle to stay alive that she is fighting.

Using what I am sure is a totally disturbing Norwegian novel of the same name written in 1942 and then a subsequent 1958 film adaptation as it inspiration, directo/screenwriter Nini Bull Bobsahmn (Amnesia) has the old college try at it.

It is a rather old fashioned type horror film in that it relies mostly on atmosphere and tension rather than straight up gore to have its audience on the edge of their seats. For true horror fans this will remind you of films from the 70s and 80s. Obviously the director is a fan of horror films of that era. Inside the tension there is an almost sensual aspect to it all. Without going too far with it. Most things in the film are kept subtle, yet you will be involved from the first hint of tension.

Visually this is a beautiful film. With plenty of greys, shadows, fog, and dull colours looking their best here. Plus the wilderness of Norway is on display in its finest…or at least creepiest.

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