Off Bloom releases song with Max Martin credits // What We Do

Receiving a voice memo from one of our generations most respected and hyped producers, ensured both the finalizing of a track – and not least made a dream come true for the Danish duo Off Bloom.

Following on from their latest release, ‘Mona Lisa’, Off Bloom will be releasing their next single, ‘’What We Do’14th of August. This will be their third single released through Universal Music Denmark and yet another step closer to the bands forthcoming debut album, ‘In Bloom’, expected November 2020;

“We’ve spent most of 2020 in the studio finishing and finetuning our debut album. Writing, producing and mixing almost everything ourselves.” The 30-year-old producer and songwriter, Mads explains.

And there is no doubt, that the young producer and songwriting duo have been busy the last couple of years. Using both their time in the studio in Denmark, but also quite some time in LA, which ensured the meeting with CJ Baran along the way. An encounter which later should turn out to be the result of an amazing track and help from Max Martin himself;

“We wrote the song back in LA alongside with producer CJ Baran. And we actually kind of forgot about the track. Until that one day we received a voice memo. A voice memo with probably our biggest songwriter idol ever, Max Martin. He was humming and singing melodies over that song. Our song! It was absolutely insane! And obviously motivated us ensuring that this track would be finalized and released. He finished it – and gave the song the last touch. “ Mette Mortensen explains and continues;

‘What We Do’ is a track that both with it’s sound and lyrics gives you an idea of where we are in our lives at the moment. It’s about seeing all of your friends grow up and settle down. Getting pregnant. Buying a house. And at the same time, you’re still just running around not knowing what the hell you’re doing.

The Danish group Off Bloom have gained praise from media including NME, The Fader, DIY, Dummy, CLASH, The Independent, DORK, The 405, The Line Of Best Fit, i-D and more. They started of their career back in 2016 releasing their first EP, Love To Hate It, which secured them a direct invite performing on the Danish P3 Gold only one week post release. The band has won the European Boarder Breaker award, they’ve been touring with Dua Lipa and ALMA and latest they were invited to LA working with Max Martin.

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