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PBS is kinda like HBO series in that you know when you tune in to a documentary airing on the channel you are getting quality. A wide variety of subjects. Things you might not have thought to be of interest end up being entertaining and educational.

Of late it has really been hit home how awfully we treat our senior population. We stash them out of sight in homes which allows us to forget about them and carry on with our own lives. The homes tend to be underfunded and understaffed. So in times of trouble like now, they are the first to be “sacrificed”. They have died in huge numbers making it so that large swaths of a generation are missing and we won’t benefit from their experience and knowledge.

The fact that older people are still full of life and have plenty to offer is plain as the nose on your face. Without hitting you over the head with it the point comes across loud and clear.

Aging should not be looked at as depressing or something to fear. All the senior citizens in this documentary are full of life and wisdom. Living their best lives.

Director Robin Baker Leacock’s mother is one of the subjects of the film. Her mother, Estelle Craig, was almost 104 years old during the filming. She lived an incredibly active life. That did not change as she aged. She wrote five novels after the age of 95 and five more after the age of 100. Inspiring!

She lived in a home in Florida with a bunch of other full of life seniors. The filmmaker in Robin was woken by them and the idea of showing people how great they are. How these seniors seem to have unlocked the secret of how to grow older but live a good life.

All between the ages of 75 and 105. The eight seniors interviewed here are all amazing people, who have lived amazing lives and have great outlooks on aging. All the seniors involved do not hold back durin gtheir interviews, divulging all they have experienced and knowledge they have gained. None of them are down about aging. All say you are as old as you feel.

A documentary like this serves to remind us how important seniors are. How much they have to contribute. Aging is something which will affect all of us. We all need to deal with and face it. Before that we have to acknowledge seniors. Not hide them away like burdens. Make sure they are taken care of in the way they deserve after having worked hard their whole lives. Learn from them. Include them in the world. Ensure they are not vulnerable to pandemics or other things.

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