Brott Music Live is proud to present an innovative virtual production of Don Giovanni. The concert will be available on Facebook ( on July 30th at 7:30pm. The world renown baritone Phillip Addis will play the title role.

This opera will be the unique opportunity to witness a very interesting experience. All scenes are rehearsed remotely based upon a piano track. The singers record their parts at home and send it to the videographer who will knit all these videos together into the final digital production based on the recommendation of the stage director Anna Theodosakis. She has adapted the staging, so each singer works within the frame of the video camera.

«The first step is the creation of accompaniment videos or backing tracks, which are then distributed to the singers. They use headphones to play the track and record their isolated vocals and video which are then sent to the editor. Once received the files are converted, edited, layered, synchronized and balanced. Video shots are selected based on a storyboard from the director (Anna Theodosakis) and multi-screens, cuts and transitions are put in place. Each scene is compiled into a video and then they are sequenced together to form the full broadcast video. » – Neil Craighead, videographer.

«There is an incredible amount of work that can still be achieved this way, not only on details such as accuracy of rhythm and pitch but on language and phrasing, breath, intention, etc. The singers are mostly using their laptops and external mics for these sessions, which really helps the sound quality. » – Emily Hamper, vocal coach.

Brott Music Festival has been very dynamic during the Covid-19 pandemic. Since May 2nd, (and finishing on August 13th) they will have presented 18 online concerts.

About Brott Music Festival

The Brott Music Festival is Canada’s largest not-for-profit orchestral music festival and, the only festival with a full-time, professional orchestra-in-residence. The Festival is renowned for its extremely high artistic standards, world class soloists, its exuberant orchestra and its eclectic mix of orchestral, opera, Broadway, chamber, jazz, pops and education concerts at various venues across Southern Ontario.