Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, a rare podcast guest, was on Joe Buck and Oliver Hudson Have Daddy Issues  7/23

On the new episode of Daddy IssuesEddie Vedder (musician, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter) joins Joe and Oliver in a rare interview to talk about everything from Eddie’s life growing up, his rise to fame, his upcoming projects, fathers and fatherhood, surfing…and so much more!

Episode Quotes:

“As far as caring what people think of me – I just don’t.”

“I consider myself cool for the most part, but you’re a lot cooler than I am” 

“Are you a mile-high kid?”

“You are not at all what I thought you would be”
“You gotta learn to smile with your eyes”

“Smiles are cheaper than guitar picks”

“Nepotism is great as long as you keep it in the family”

“If Pearl Jam ever breaks up, I think we should go on the road together”

Daddy Issues Show Summary

Working fathers and long-time friends take an honest, unfiltered look at what it’s like to be a father, a son and a brother navigating the world today. Buck and Hudson, along with a variety of famous friends, hilariously share personal stories and candid conversations exploring everything from raising kids and parenting to balancing work and home responsibilities to their hobbies, sports, Dad bods, sex, and marriage.


Joe Buck, Sportscaster, Dad, and Husband

Oliver Hudson, Actor, Dad, and Husband

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