For a good while NCIS was the most watched show on regular cable television. Super popular with wide swaths of people. It has changed over the years. The seventeen years it has been on the air. That alone is impressive for rarely does a show stay on the air that long. Especially today with quickly changing tastes, varience in trends and the competition from streaming and VOD. Yet NCIS rides on.

In the 20 episodes there is a central theme which runs thoughout of a terrorist named Sahar who Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) and Senior Special Agent Timothy McGee (played by Sean Murray) spend the bulk of their time trying to figure out who and where he is. They know that many lives are on the line.

The rest of the cases are anything but boring. They work on ones involving the murder of Marines, fighter jets which had crashed and an attack on Arlington National Cemetary. Plus there are some issues within the team which cause plenty of friction.

Ziva (played by Cote de Pablo) has returned and warns Gibbs that his life is in danger. Gibbs spends more time wondering why she remained underground for so long while everone presumed she was dead and why she is back now.

Though it has been on air for a very long time there have been ups and downs for the series. This season was an up. Interesting stories, plenty of surprises that work and plenty to please longtime watchers. For these reasons it regained the top rung on the cable network drama ladder.

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