Back in 2016, Brutalist launched. The project of Melbourne-based producer Lucianblomkamp and the nomadic John Hassell, Brutalist’s expansive electronic soundscapes were widely celebrated, with the likes of Resident Advisor, Mixmag and XL8R supporting the duo’s debut mixtape. Post release, Brutalist has been quiet, until today, when they announce the project’s return in the shape of new single ‘South Street’.

The new single is the first taste of new material with a new EP out on September 18. The new music was created almost entirely from different hemispheres, with the duo spending just one morning working together in the same place since 2016.

Of the new track, Hassell states; ‘South Street is an unsuspecting street in West London where I spent many years collaborating with Lucian (albeit from distance). There was always a wistful melancholy to the place, and this track was the final track written there before my friends there had to move out. It only felt right to make some kind of homage to it.’

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Lucian and John first met at a show in 2015, when the former was supporting the latter’s band, electronic pioneers Seekae. Their relationship then thrived through a virtual correspondence between the two musicians turned kindred spirits, with ideas being shared online after John returned to his home in the UK. Lucian said of the chance meeting; ‘He introduced me to Arvo Part, and I introduced him to Prokofiev. Pretty dorky stuff, but straight off the bat it was apparent we had a lot of similar musical interests’

The two producers incorporate various strains of classical, electronic and industrial elements to produce a mixture of brooding, textural tracks. It’s train music. You’ll imagine journeys, peace and violence. You’ll be kept in a limbo of excitement, movement and melancholy that will shine a blue light on whatever’s on your mind.The two use a range of instruments, including a Korg Poly 800, MPC1000, Piano and Violin, as well as various music software. The lack of vocals serves to highlight the reflective nature of the music.

Lucian has seen his star rise over the past few years, both as a solo musician, as well as writing and producing for countless artists both locally and internationally. He has achieved great critical acclaim, contributing to 6LACK’s Grammy-nominated album East Atlanta Love Letter and being included in nominations for 2018 Australian Music Prize for his 3-part album Sick of What I Don’t Understand. He also is a highly sought after songwriter and producer, and has worked with Mallrat, Teischa, Eliott & more.

John has spent the last few years travelling, from Australia, to London, to Marseille, where he now resides. Musically he’s found a place that speaks to him, stating of the coastal French city ‘Although it’s a tough city, it has a hypnotising beauty to it. A piercing honesty that serves as a rare gem. As a musician, it’s perfect, because whilst the music scene here is relatively dormant, you don’t feel pressured to be anything other than original.’

This is intelligent, introspective music from two musicians who have found kindred spirits in the Brutalist project.