Star Light

Imagine being a teenage fan of a huge female pop star of the likes of Ariana Grande. Then one day while out skateboarding you crash into her. Good luck or bad luck? Then things get even trickier when you hide her out from whomever is pursuing her only to discover she is not your typical human. Not only can she sing amazingly, but there are other “differences” about her. Another question – good day or bad day?

After another fight with his mom (Tiffany Shepis – from television’s Robot Chicken) and her new boyfriend Reverend Gil (Kevin Jiggetts – Concussion), Dylan gets on his skateboard to blow off some steam. He ends up at a party with some of his friends.

On his way home while riding his skateboard, he collides with a young woman. She is injured and claims to be on the run from someone dangerous, so he brings her back to the party. Finally he realizes that she is Bebe (Scout Taylor-Compton – The Runaways, Halloween – 2007), the pop star he has been dreaming about.

At first he is thrilled, then the more Dylan gets to know her the more he is scared of her. Plus the guy who is chasing her is right outside the house and picking his friends off one by one.

Totally will bring you back to the B style horror films of the 70s and 80s complete with bad acting, cheesy dialogue and tons of blood. Some parts are actually funny…even if they don’t mean to be. If your tolerance for bad is high then you might dig this teen horror.

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