MUTEK Forum: Artificial Intelligence and Creation

photo credit: Erin Gee, Project H.E.A.R.T.

Sixth edition of the
Artificial Intelligence and Creation Forum
After the unveiling on extended reality or XR, MUTEK Forum is now investigating a new focus of the festival’s professional component: artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. This second theme is a continuation of the Forum 2019, which already began the exploration of the contribution of AI to our artistic creation methods, but also that of the AI Art Lab,the first international interdisciplinary research laboratory in audiovisual production using AI, held in Montreal last March in partnership with Z..

Artistic practices in AI will be approached from a perspective that highlights racial injustices, surveillance or the risks associated with collecting personal data. Several workshops will allow artists and creators to become familiar with the multiple techniques of AI use adapted to electronic music and sound creation.

African-American researcher Ruha Benjamin (Princeton University) will engage with Jason Lewis (Initiative for Indigenous Futures) on the history of racism and discrimination inherent in advanced technologies such as AI for the opening conference on Tuesday, September 8.

AI philosophy expert Aleksandra Przegalinska, Ph.D, will focus on the challenges of collaboration between humans and machines, while artists Erin Gee and Jovanka v. Wilsdorf will explore the link between AI and the human voice in a panel hosted by scientist Jose Sotelo.

Continuing the practical exploration, Chilean-born Montreal producer and musician Gabriel Vigliensoni will lead a workshop on Wekinator. Peter Kirn, composer, musicologist and technologist, will provide an overview of the resources needed re AI’s progress in the creative sector.

MUTEK Forum Edition 6, Tuesday, September 8 to Friday, September 11, 2020, online and in Montreal. Find the full list of their experts in XR and confirmed AI and discover their paths on our new digital interface.

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