Fragments Distribution and Nemesis Films are pleased to announce the theatrical release of Dave Not Coming Back,afeature documentary by Jonas Malak, which transports us in South Africa, where divers attempt to bring the drowned body of a young man to the surface. At 283 metres below water level, this would be the deepest body recovery ever. But the experience does not go as it should have.

Dave Not Coming Back will be showing in Quebec starting September 11 at Cinéma du Parc (Montreal), Cinéma Le Clap (Quebec City),and La Maison du Cinéma (Sherbrooke).

Prior to its release in Quebec, the film will have its World Premiere at the Whistler Film Festival. Although the 20th edition of the festival only takes place in December, Dave Not Coming Back is taking part in an exceptional innovative pilot project to promote five documentaries on extreme sports ahead of their online edition. The film will be available in Canada (outside Quebec) from August 17 to 23 inclusively, and a discussion with the director will take place on August 19.


In October 2004, two cave divers and long-time friends, Don and Dave, dive in Boesmansgat, a mythical cave in South Africa. Dave was breaking a world record for depth. It would take them 15 minutes to reach the bottom, but 12 hours to surface. Once he touched bottom, against all odds, Dave finds a body.

The two friends decide to come back and retrieve it. They call the parents, enroll 8 support divers, and hire a cameraman to document the historic dive in its entirety – from the preparation on the surface to the operation at the bottom of the cave.

Little did they know that, from that dive, Dave would not be coming back.