Seems to me that this spring and summer has seen the release of a couple of “different” romance films. Ones that are not quite as fluff filled as previous releases. They involve some brain power and lead the viewer to think about what they would do in similar situations. A step up, I would say.

Though Gaby (Chelsea Peretti – from television’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine) is in a relationship and has her own catering business she is not happy. She seems frustrated with both of those aspects of her life. Tired of just doing boring wedding jobs and living with someone she does not really click with.

Her life changes when on the eve of her 39th birthday her boyfriend breaks up with her. He is already seeing someone else and so moves out. She has the apartment, but not much else.

Waking up one day and spurred on by a combination of some money given to her by her father (Bill Carr – from television’s The Mist), adopting a dog, spending more time with her neice Adele (Nadia Tonen – from television’s Mr. D) and her friendly and wise older neighbour, Gaby begins to arrange her life into what she wants it to be.

Soon the sarcastic and lazy woman is going to open her own restaurant, decorating her apartment and going on hikes with her dog. Totally living life and not being preoccupied with being almost 40 and single. Then one day on a hike she meets someone. When you least expect it….

Now as an actress Chelsea Peretti is the kind you either love or hate. No one remains in the middle about her. She definitely has a certain kind of style. This love or hate might keep some away from the film. I say don’t let it!

Despite how much we think women have come over the past few decades there are still some ways in which gender affects the lives of women. Being single and of a certain age, for instance. Many still think that unless a woman is with someone and has children then they must be unfulfilled. We need more films like this one which shows a woman living a life she loves without a man or children.

The film is available on digital/VOD platforms including iTunes, Apple TV, Google Play, and Amazon.

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