For Your Consideration

Good films capture a slice of life or a section of the population’s reality. Even better films can take those and exaggerate it a wee bit to make it a scream for the rest of us. I do wonder in between giggles as to whether the people being taken the piss out of even recognize what is going on.

It all begins with a couple of texts. One says “I am so bored” and the response is “let’s a make a film to enter into the Oscars”. And just like that three friends meet to begin the planning.

Soon you begin to realize that they have no filmmaking skills and really no insight into the experience of the average person. They are all white women of privilege. As such, the film they begin developing is a joke.

I mean, we really should not expect much more from women living in Los Angeles who make their cell phone case to the colour they are wearing, should we? They are also sitting in a member’s only type club.

Piece by piece they try to come up with a film which will totally play to the Academy. Meaning it will hit all the hot buttons. The unfortunate part is that due to their privilege and shallowness they are not quite as “woke” as they believe themselves to be.

In all seriousness, the film by director/co-writer/actress Poppy Gordon makes me wonder if this is close to what actually happens in development meetings for films. If the people coming up with the ideas are that out of touch because sometimes watching films you begin to believe they are. Are the people behind the films just bringing us “issues” in the hopes of bettering their bottom line or winning awards? Are they not trying to create art featuring issues that move them?

Though the film is funny due to the nonsense that comes out of the womens’ mouths you also see the serious side. The one which is pointing its finger straight at Hollywood for its transparent tokenism, appropriation, taking on of movements it does not really believe in, and its pursuit of the almighty dollar. All the while trying to appear to have its finger on the pulse rather it is just grasping onto anything in the hope of winning awards or earning plenty of money. Cynical…yes…right on the money…probably.