A son returns home. To confront his abusive father, Richard (Chris Browning – from television’s The 100). Tom (Brett Zimmerman – Million Dollar Arm, Only Mine) has been in the Marines for 10 years and suddenly he is home. He finds the man he is planning to confront is suffering from Alzheimer’s. This puts a wrench in his plans to get back at him for all the abuse he put Tom through.

Tension you can cut with a knife. Roy Arwas’ film is a different kind of look at an estranged father-son relationship. Questions are brought up about memory and how it affects relationships. If the person who did you wrong does not remember doing it can you stay angry at them? Is forgiveness possible even between a child whose parents has hurt them greatly over and over?

Lots of it is unspoken. We fill in the gaps. Tom’s feelings vary wildly from anger to confusion to sympathy to something almost like love. All this is portrayed by Zimmerman quite ably. It is done through a clenching of his jaw or look in his eyes.

The cinematography here is something to behold. Especially in the outdoor scenes. All looks beautiful.

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