“Rotation” is about reflecting on how his ambitions are coming true and Legaxy is ready to take his rightful spot in the game. This track is a one-way ticket to the charts. He’s ready to walk all parts of life, starting with this all-out celebration anthem alongside Canadian rapper, Tory Lanez.

Listen to: “Rotation by Legaxy Featuring Tory Lanez

Legaxy is stepping up to the plate and is ready to knock this one all the way to the top of the charts. When you merge South Florida’s heat with New York’s bright lights, you get musical excellence, and this is exactly what he brings to the table. This Florida born, New York/South Carolina raised rapper is prepared to take his career to the next level, and is evidently making all the right moves.

Due to multiple relocations growing up, Legaxy proudly reps the three area codes (New York City,  South Carolina, Miami) that have shaped his musical inspiration and made him who he is today. His multifaceted flow switches back and forth between his speed-packed verses and melodic hooks

With over 673K streams on Soundcloud, and counting, Legaxy is ready to bless his fans with a guaranteed hit that will remain on their playlists for many months to come. In addition to dropping the single, Legaxy shared a clip of himself and Tory on Instagram filming a music video to be released along the track, sparking great levels of excitement.