High schoolers madly in love who are separated by tragedy. But death will not keep them apart. Love is posited to be able to always find a way. Can it truly or is it more complex than that….which is already twisted enough.

Emotions run high here. You will cry as long as you possess a functional heart. A film about love and loss. Then they threw in some supernatural stuff to thicken the plot even more.

High School grads Riley (Alexandra Shipp – X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Straight Outta Compton) and Chris (Nicholas Hamilton – Captain Fantastic, It – 2017) are head over heels in love. The type most often associated with the young. During a great time comes a horrible tragedy.

A car accident. Chris dies and Riley feels responsible. What she does not know yet is that her love is in limbo. Soon a way for reconnecting surfacing. Though, while it is bliss for a short while, it soon becomes the way they are going to let go of each other.

For those who watch this of a certain age or younger people who have delved into romance films from 1990 the similarities between this film and Ghost. Though stories like that usually only work once. On the second go around it just feels a little predictable and stale. I couldn’t help but think this is another case of those who make films being out of original ideas and falling upon a previous film which was popular, thinking they could rejig it for teens and bam! A film.

The two young leads do a good job in their roles. The flaws and foibles of the film can not be blamed on them. It is not their fault that their characters are not fleshed out. The end result is that you are indifferent about the two you should be cared about.

Indifference carries on to many parts of the film. Those involved seemed to have dropped the ball or at least fallen asleep while conceiving of and writing the film. There is no “oomph” to the story. Even Famke Janssen’s extensions look like someone put them in while they were sleepwalking. Zzzzzzzz…….

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