Canadian Premiere of Mariel Sharp and Kaye Adelaide’s Hysterical Witchy Comedy ?

A hilarious portrayal of online dating, DON’T TEXT BACK is the story of a naive young woman who seeks the help of an energy healer to rid herself of a cursed necklace that strangles her every time she doesn’t text back her bad Tinder date.

Drawing from the comedic goldmine of dating “horror stories” that circulate amongst every urban friend-group, DON’T TEXT BACK uses snappy humour and horror conventions to form a playful satire of heteronormative dating culture. 

Directed & produced by lesbian power couple Mariel Sharp (creative producer extraordinaire) and Kaye Adelaide (writer of wacky horror), DON’T TEXT BACK was shot on a shoe-string budget with a talented crew of women and lgbtq+ artists. The film features the multi-talented Danielle Lapointe (Shooting the Moon) and Montreal comedian Nancy Webb (BECCA). 

DON’T TEXT BACK will be presented with the feature film BLEED WITH ME (d. Amelia Moses) as part of the Underground section, which was also produced by Mariel Sharp and features special FX by Kaye Adelaide. Screenings are scheduled for: Wednesday, August 26th 7:10PM and Tuesday, September 1 at 3:00PM.

Visit the DON’T TEXT BACK website here