Montrealers are already discovering the Prenez Place terrace at Parc Hydro-Québec on Sainte-Catherine, corner of Clark. This artistic and functional work as it has rarely been seen is the ideal place to enjoy your favorite meals, especially since it is just a few steps from Central. Spanning over 100 meters, this urban table designed by ADHOC architects, in collaboration with Maude Lescarbeau, is situated under the forest canopy.

Open for a week at the corner of René Lévesque and Saint-Laurent boulevards, the public square is the ideal place to sit for a drink, a bite to eat or enjoy spontaneous entertainment. The travelling Cabaret, featuring the A cappella quartet QW4RTZ, even spent this past Saturday afternoon there to brighten up the day for visitors. Passers-by are already enjoying this new urban beach designed by La Pépinière and carried out in close collaboration with YiFang Hu (Eva) and the Asian community of Chinatown.

La Place Publique Le Terrain de jeux has been open to the public since last Sunday at Place d’Youville. This is a design of Multicolore, the team behind Piknic Electronik and Igloofest. Anchored in Old Montreal, the public square offers a playful and colorful fountain conceived of by Matane Productions and the iconic musical swings of Daily Tous les jours, to the delight of families who will pass through the area. Each week, surprise animations liven up the space.

Passers-by can also experience Les visages de Nuits d’Afrique: expérience interactive at the Place des Festivals. An interactive module allows passers-by to record their dance steps and then broadcast via video projection on different facades of the Quartier des spectacles. This will be back next weekend.

After Damien Robitaille, Les Deuxluxes and Florence K, it was the turn of the a cappella quartet QW4RTZ to take the stage of the Cabaret ambulant. They delighted Montrealers by travelling through the Quartier Latin, the Village and along St. Catherine Street this past Saturday afternoon, August 15th. To follow in the coming weeks, Clay and Friends and Lost Fingers.

The Urban Science Brass Band was back downtown this Saturday to make the pedestrians who were walking on St. Catherine Street groove. They are one of the many arts companies that animated the downtown area this past weekend and will continue to do so until the end of the summer.

Front page Photo credit: Raphael Thibodeau