Today we are living a rather isolated existence. Other people and social situations bring with them danger. So we avoid them. Hopefully, for our own well being, that won’t last too long. Now, imagine if you were a deaf person….meaning that you could not hear people or what is going on around you. That is isolation. That is a kind of living in your own world.

Such is the case with a young Kurdish girl named Bahar (Ebru Ayse Cakir – first film). Because she cannot hear others or what is going around her she lives a lonely life. Often on her own. She is deaf and her parents cannot afford to send her to a special school. As such she attends regular public school, but because they lack the resources to give her what she needs to learn, Bahar is basically pushed out. Now physically and inside her own head an outsider.

Her behaviour becomes more and more rebellious and angry. Causing her to act out. She fights her family and even throws a rock through the window of her class. Fighting to be acknowledged. Fighting to be a part of the world around her.

When you feel like you are not being heard. Not given what you need. Then you might try and see yourself. That is what Bahar is trying. She is desperate.

Makes us realize how often we don’t do what we can for those on the fringes of society. For whatever reason.Whether it be for a socio-economic, mental health or physical health reason. We gotta do better. Do better for them to bring them in and make them part of us. Give them the ability to flourish and contribute.

This is especially true in more remote places. Places which are lower on the totem pole economically. They don’t have the resources to deal with someone who needs extra help. This leads to further isolation.

Young actress Ebru Ayse Cakir gives a truly authentic portrayal of a character who is feeling anger, fear and isolation. She makes you feel all that she is without uttering a word.

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