Indie Montreal’s IMTL Press recently announced the release of FAIT VIVIR, the documentary directed by Oscar Ruiz Navia tracing the Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra’s (GKO) artistic journey. The film, which has been online since August 14, will be broadcast on the Mowies platform until September 30.

It’s been 10 days now that the whole world has had access to the poetic and bohemian universe of GKO thanks to the cinematic work of Oscar Ruiz Navia. The official launch, broadcast on the evening of August 14, was followed by a conversation between the director and the protagonists and ended with a virtual party with live music on the group’s Facebook page.

The film follows GKO on tour for nearly six years, travelling from one end of Colombia to the other. It is narrated by Manuk Aukán, the son of protagonists Carmen Ruiz and Sebastian Mejia, the founding members of the collective. From his very first steps until he is six years old, we can see the child evolve in a world of dance, song and stage performance that will gradually become his second home.

The director’s primary motivation was not only to present the colourful performances to the world, but also to showcase the passion and deep attachment that the members of the group have to the project.

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