An unmarked package appeared last Thursday at the Robert H. Goddard planetarium in Roswell, New Mexico. After the requisite gamma ray tests and Covid-19 screening, a team of nine (9) scientists opened it and discovered Betamax tapes simply labeled “Duck Duck Goose”. While they originally suspected the videos to be a simulacrum of a human television program, one of the researchers recognized the hosts as actual hominids Alain Macklovitch (p/k/a A-Trak) and Armand Van Helden. It was concluded that these two were speaking to other hominids in various episodes. It is unclear why or how they had time to have such conversations.

If indeed this isn’t an extraterrestrial prank and the numerical order of episodes is the same as on our planet, then the first installment is a talk with seminal house music pioneer Todd Terry, out today—watch here. The names on other Betamax tapes include David GuettaBilly Carson (of @4biddenknowledge fame), DJ Premier, a high-ranking member of the Flat Earth society and more.

The planetarium team has decided to release one episode every two weeks on the popular website YouTube.