Heart Attack Kids have a new single titled “Can’t Stop” available now. The high voltage track is the first 2020 reveal from the band “soon to become a household name within the ranks of Canadian punk rock” (V13 Media), written by HAK and Aaron Allen in a back corner room of Taste Of Ink, a tattoo shop in their hometown of London, Ontario. 

“Can’t Stop” was produced by Allen, and Siegfried Meier of Beach Road Studios. Says Jared Ellul of Heart Attack Kids, “The song is about addictions, something so many of us struggle with. We wanted ‘Can’t Stop’ to have a high energy vibe that people could get up and dance to, versus mosh to like our past music. I often get inspired by bands such as Queens of the Stone Age and Death from Above who, in my mind, are masters of having their songs be heavy and full of hooks.”  

Heart Attack Kids features founding member Jared Ellul (guitar/vox) joined by Craig Gignac (bass/vox). With guitars sounding 100 feet tall, fuzzed out bass lines and thunderous drums, the band’s high-octane sound and frenetic onstage energy has helped amass a rocksteady fan base including Cancer Bats’ frontman Liam Cormier who produced HAK’s electrifying sophomore effort Bad Luck Like Gold released in April 2019. 

Bad Luck Like Gold is blunt, boisterous, and bullshit-free, opening with a barn-burning instrumental track that perfectly sets the tone for what’s to come – an unrelenting smash through song after song of dynamite drumbeats and sludgy riffs as engulfing as quicksand. The explosive sonic concoction is potent and compelling with the 12 tracks hitting with the energy of an atom bomb and the urgency of its impending detonation. This album builds atop the foundation of relentless garage punk riffs and crushing rhythms established on their debut LP, 2016’s No Future. Their combustible rock n’ roll turned the heads of notable industry influencers, leading to a slew of releases on various imprints and high-profile shows alongside acts Billy Talent, Rise Against, The Gaslight Anthem, and dozens more. 

The band is currently working on their third LP.