R.L. Allman’s Peter Pan

I do spend a bit of time bitching about how it seems like a large portion of the film or television world has run out of ideas. That a lot of films or series seem to be remakes or sequels. Or just stories which have been done many times over. Yet, ever so often there comes something which makes me doubt this. A film/series which is a remake that brings a freshness, so much so that it seems like something entirely new.

This is what can be said about Ronnie Allman’s (first series) series Peter Pan. Yes, that Peter Pan. Written by Alex May (first series), this is a dark and very modern take on the story of a boy who never grew up. The pilot of the nine part series (parts 2-9 are in development) is being screened at the Dances with Films 23 festival. It can also be seen on demand on Amazon Prime and Vimeo. Give it a chance and check it out!

This is a live action version of the well known story with just a hint of animation thrown in. It is J.M. Barrie’s story told in an up-to-date way and it is gritty, bold, youthful, and leans towards a mixture of noir with fantasy.

Set in near future San Francisco, Peter Pan (Wynton Odd – Freshman Year) is a young man who seems to have no direction. All he does is do graffiti, ride his motorcycle called Shadow and have sex with his kinda girlfriend, Tiger Lily (Emily Hu). He has been able to coast along like that until now.

What has changed is that a big player on the San Francisco scene, C.J. Hooke (Jenn Tripp – Disrupted), has started buying up property then raising the rents astronomically. Pan and Tiger Lily are both affected by this. He has to somehow come up with over $4,000 by the end of the month or will be living on the street.

Desperate for money, Pan goes to see his old friend and drag queen, Tinker Bell (Rex Wheeler), who gives him a bag filled with “fairy dust” to sell to make the money. He has no other choice.

Pan also joins up with the Lost Boyz, a street gang who seem to be nothing but trouble. One night while tagging a building owned by Hooke, Pan almost gets caught, but is now definitely in the sights of C.J. and her henchman Smee (Noe Flores).

Fast paced and left me wanting more. I certainly would give episodes 2 through 9 a chance.

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