What the world needs now is more Jon Stewart. In any capacity. The guy is just so smart and talented. Here we get him in his return to the world of films. First return to film since 2014 and his film Rosewater. He takes on the dual roles of writer and director. Stewart’s speciality is telling it like it is. Just in a better way than your average bear. When you add in such a delightful cast – made up of Rose Byrne, Mackenzie Davis, Natasha Lyonne, Will Sasso, Topher Grace – plus a story about politics (kinda) you do get an interesting/watchable concoction.

Result is a film which successfully juggles the opposing elements of the story that is not afraid to rub our collective noses in certain parts of the world we have created and some giggles to temper the visual scolding. You have to be of the intelligence level of Stewart to do that right.

Some south of the border will not like the film due to its left leaning sensibilities or what will be seen as being very liberal. What I have to say is that every film has a point of view. That being said the film does show both sides of the fence. Both left and right. The satire takes the piss out of both sides. Showing flaws on both left and right.

Story revolves around a fish out of water idea in the world of politics. A seasoned political strategist (played by Steve Carell) for the Democrats sees a viral YouTube video of a man (played by Chris Cooper) in small town Wisconsin. The man is at a city hall meeting making a speech about the rights of people. Despite the fact that this is Republican territory, the strategist believes the man is exactly the type of candidate the Dems need to win votes in the area.

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-Campaign Comedy: The Cast of Irresisitible