California Honeydrops Video “Under the Boardwalk”

The¬†new viral music video¬†by Bay Area group¬†The¬†California Honeydrops, just released this week!¬†Their cover of “Under the Boardwalk,” featuring¬†Lech Wierzynski¬†on vocals,¬†Lorenzo Loera¬†on guitar, and¬†Steve Height¬†on bass, is already pulling in more than¬†two million views.¬†Check out the video on YouTube¬†HERE¬†and on Facebook¬†HERE.¬†¬†

The track is set for digital release across all streaming platforms¬†today, September 4,¬†and will be celebrated with a¬†livestream¬†on the band’s Facebook page beginning at¬†6:30pm Pacific; check it out¬†HERE.¬†¬†

“Under the Boardwalk” is the first cover in a new LP from The California Honeydrops,¬†Covers from the Cave 2020. This first track is¬†soon to be followed by John Prine’s “Angel from Montgomery” and James Taylor’s “Fire and Rain.”¬†

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