La Grande Cavale, Oscar-winning Directors Christoph and Wolfgang Lauenstein in Cinemas on September 11


Directed by brothers Christoph and Wolfgang Lauenstein, winners of the Oscar for Best Animated Short With Their Film Balance, LA GRANDE CAVALE (SPY CAT) follows the adventures of a cat and her band of wacky friends, result is a funny and clever animated film for the whole family.

Marnie, a little indoor cat with a passion for police investigations, learns that burglaries are taking place in her small country village. Delighted to leave her comfort, she goes on a secret mission to stop the criminals! Marnie gets help from three wacky animals: a yoga-hungry rooster, a funny zebra and a cowardly watchdog. Wrongly accused of being thieves, they are dragged into a hairy adventure to prove their innocence.

This tasty animated film will please everyone thanks to its energy, its inventiveness, its irony and its funny references.