With no room for compromise, Vera Hotsauce channels the sexual autonomy of Tove Lo, the fierce attitude of Rihanna and the futuristic otherworldliness of Charli XCX.

The record documents Vera’s misadventures on the journey to self-actualisation. She tells us “This album tells a story about an era. I’ve made so many stupid decisions that got me so many crazy memories and took me on so many f-d up adventures.”

Collaborations with Oscar Scheller and the Diplo-affiliated Moving Castle producer collective have equipped Vera with an arsenal of out-and-out bangers.

Vera will not be held back from speaking out against injustice. Focus track ‘Ricochet’ is a diss aimed squarely at 6ix9ine and his treatment of young girls.

Hot n Saucy is be available everywhere