Zach Fraser to succeed Infinithéâtre AD Guy Sprung

Ellen David, Oren Safdie join team

Zach Fraser to take the helm of Infinithéâtre as the second artistic director in the company’s 22-year history. He and founding Artistic Director Guy Sprung look forward to working together during this busy transitional time. Joining the team are Ellen David as Artistic Producer and Oren Safdie as Head of New Play Development.

Ellen David – Artistic Producer

A director/producer/actor, Fraser feels fortunate to follow Sprung as the company’s second artistic director, “Sometimes in the thick of the action, sometimes from a distance, I have long been an admirer of the work done by Infinithéâtre. Guy has been a role model as an artist compelled to tackle important and complicated themes, exploring multiple arenas for creating theatre, and continuously fostering a place for local and emerging artists to develop and share their voices,” he emphasized.

Fraser recognizes there is much work to be done, “On both the social and artistic levels, in our intimate and international communities, we are in a moment of essential inward reflection requiring genuine outward action. Society is expressing unease, many are suffering and feeling demoralized; there is pent-up rage, understandably so. Theatre must respond and evolve. We must listen to the pulsations within our communities and as artists, help people digest and express all that we are collectively feeling. For theatre-makers in this city, so fortunate to have a platform from which to dialogue, it is a welcomed opportunity to investigate who we are, what we stand for, and how we can be better versions of ourselves for the benefit of all.”