© À la mer poussière (To the Dusty Sea) by Héloïse Ferlay

Festival Stop Motion Montreal is proud to present its 12th edition this week, which is being held virtually until September 20. There’s something for everyone in the programming designed for young and old alike; from the youth films program to the less conventional T.N.T. program (Terrifying, Naked and Twisted).  The 90 short films presented, as well as the special guest conferences, will be available worldwide via the VUCAVU platform during the seven days of the Festival. Technical skills animation workshops will also be available on Zoom. An unbeatable opportunity to satisfy all stop motion lovers or to learn about this unique film genre!

The films in competition deal with a variety of themes and techniques that will appeal to film lovers from all ends of the spectrum: Alan the Infinite (Mikey Please and Dan Ojari) portrays a young adult on their first day at work, while Sororelle (Louise Mercadier and Frédéric Even) tells the story of three sisters facing a cataclysm. Younger viewers will enjoy the presentation of Quma y las Bestias (Iván Stur, Javier Ignacio and Luna Crook), which will transport them to prehistoric South America in following the rite of passage of a young boy as he explores the wild savannah on his own.

Kang-min Kim’s South Korean short film KKUM explores a son’s obsession with his mother’s premonitory dreams, while French director Héloïse Ferlay’s À la mer poussière (To the Dusty Sea) features two children trying to catch their mother’s fleeting glance. Un coeur d’or (A Heart of Gold) by Simon Filliot will leave a lasting impression with this story of a young underprivileged mother who is forced to make an important sacrifice for her child. Among others, this film was animated by Julia Peguet, one of this edition’s special guests, who is leading a workshop to perfect one’s character animation skills via Zoom.

In addition to the films and activities available on the Festival’s VUCAVU platform and the technical animation skills workshops on Zoom, the Festival will light up its Facebook page with even more exclusive fun and free content! A virtual tour of Alicia Eisen‘s studio (Old Man, FSMM 2016 and Deady Freddy, FSMM 2019) and pre-recorded interviews with filmmakers in this year’s competition programs will be made available on the social network in interactive Watch Parties where festival goers can watch, react and comment together in real time, which will then be reposted to IGTV following their Facebook broadcasts.

The Festival is pleased to work with the VUCAVU platform this year for its special Home Sweet Home edition. Festival-goers can go directly to the website to rent individual short film programs and conference replays à la Carte.

Ticket purchase of à la Carte programs on VUCAVU

To view individual program activities à la Carte, festival-goers must first create a user account on the VUCAVU platform. The creation of a user account is free of charge. The activities are accessible from September 14 to 20 and billed individually. The cost is $5 per short film program and $7 per conference replay. Each purchase will be available for 48-hour viewing period, until the Festival comes to a close on September 20.

Festival Stop Motion Montreal Home Sweet Home 12th Edition

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