Photo Credit: Seannie Bryan



Boy Willows’ (Landon Fleischman) music offers a deep amalgamation of incandescent alt-pop, jubilant jazz, and psychedelic-tinged folk. Impeccably paired with sensory lyricism and impassioned vocals, he delivers a hypnotic and singular resonance.

Today, the LA-via-Maryland artist shares his new single “Fila” with Dylan Minnette of Wallows. On “Fila,” Boy Willows stretches out to embrace relatable themes of vulnerability and healing both inwardly and outwardly without feeling overbearingly serious. “Fila” serves as a therapy session between two friends as they cope with being alone in different ways. The sonic components are nestled in an ethereal, gentle soundscape woven with nostalgia and charm. “Fila” arrives with an accompanying music video directed by Boy Willows, shot by Seannie Bryan (Madeline Kenney, Skullcrusher) and edited by Jordan Pories.

In his own words, Boy Willows says this of his new single,

“Dylan and I were talking to each other about what feelings bubbled up when we were forced to slow down for the first time in a long time. I wanted the song to be dream-like. The first lyrics are ‘follow me down’ because it’s meant to take the listener down a rabbit hole of what’s going on in my head. When I was making the instrumental, I was picturing everything in slow motion, super delicate and airy, giving space for Dylan and I to share some intimate stuff. We got to collaborate on this song and heal by singing about it together. Looking at the song now, it’s cool to hear our verses almost converse with each other. It’s comforting.”

Dylan Minnette shares this about the song,

“Landon first played me the song when we were sharing a tour bus together. It was only about 30 seconds long at the time and I immediately was so inspired by it and I told him I thought he should extend it because it’s so great. He asked me if I wanted to throw on a verse myself and my little warm heart exploded. The melodies I wanted came to me immediately. I also wanted them to pretty much mimic what he was already singing on his part already too with some of it. I’m so proud of the final result.”


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