Prodigal Son: The Complete First Season – Blu-ray Edition

Being incredibly bright and adept at understanding human behaviour is what Malcolm Bright (played by Tom Payne) does best. An uncanny insight into what they think and feel is his forte. Many attribute this to the fact that his father was a serial killer. “The Surgeon” (played by Michael Sheen) killed more than 20 people.

Several in the NYPD put Malcolm’s talent to use. Malcolm along with Detective Dani Powell (played by Aurora Perrineau), Detective Gil Arroyo (played by Lou Diamond Phillips), Detective JT Tarmel (played by Frank Harts) and coroner Dr. Edrisa Tanaka (played by Keiko Agena) track down the most dangerous of criminals. They work as a team even though Tarmel wonders on many an occasion whether Malcolm is more like his father than everyone realizes.

Few know that what brings Malcolm all his know how is actually his father, Dr. Martin Whitly. Dr. Whitly, while he is most certainly a psychopath, does love his son dearly. He will do anything for him including help him track down criminals. Just to spend time with him.

Besides all this, Malcolm also has to deal with his mother. With his odd relationship with her. She is socialite Jessica Whitly (played by Bellamy Young) and has an opinion about every part of her son’s life. The only sane person who is in his corner is his sister Ainsley (played by Halston Sage), who works as a television journalist.

Might remind some out there as a version of The Silence of the Lambs. Yes, that is reasonable. Surprisingly, this has succeeded where others have failed. In living up to the standards that film set. While there are uneven moments what it always is is entertaining. It will keep you guessing and oftentimes with chills. Add in Hannibal, Blacklist and Criminal Minds and you get what the show is all about.

The film works mostly due to the excellence of Michael Sheen. He is marvellous as an uber intelligent mad man.

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