On Friday, October 2, Netflix debuted Dear White People: The Curriculum, a virtual special comprised of four distinct and intimate conversations centering on timely topics that tie directly back to the series, including: Acting & Activism; LGBTQ+ Intersectionality;Portrayals of Policing; and Black Joy & Comedy.

Dear White People:The Curriculum features a combination of our core and supporting cast, including Logan Browning, Marque Richardson, Antoinette Robertson,Ashley Blaine Featherson, Griffin Matthews,Quei Tann and creator/showrunner Justin Simien, as well as special guests Tessa Thompson, Barry Jenkins, Yvette Nicole Brown, Nicole Byer and Laverne Cox.

Each conversation is available now across Dear White People and Netflix social channels, with our main video featuring all four discussions live on Netflix US Youtube and Facebook:

  • @Netflix for Acting & Activism with Logan Browning, Ashley Blaine Featherson and Tessa Thompson
  • @most for LGBTQ+ Intersectionality with Justin Simien, Griffin Matthews, Quei Tann and Laverne Cox
  • @netflixisajoke for Black Joy & Comedy with Antoinette Robertson, Yvette Nicole Brown and Nicole Byer
  • @strongblacklead for Portrayals of Policing with Marque Richardson and Barry Jenkin

About DEAR WHITE PEOPLE: THE CURRICULUM: Five years ago, the film Dear White People opened a door to conversations about race and representation from a black millennial perspective. Now, as the series enters its fourth and final season, the world is catching up with the work. During a time of radical uprisings and racial reflections, the creator and stars of Dear White People are coming together with some of Hollywood’s biggest names to address the issues that brought its namesake widespread acclaim… and often some controversy.

Dear White People: The Curriculum will amplify and provide a platform for the voices behind Dear White People to discuss the resonance of the series within the current cultural movement.

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Dear White People Vols. 1-3 are currently streaming on Netflix.

More information: www.netflix.com/DearWhitePeople