Infinithéâtre brings live theatre back to life with world premiere ghostly historical satire

Canada’s longest-serving PM also its strangest…

Ever-hopeful, new dates announced for King of Canada… and the unfortunate, all-too-familiar caveat: opening date subject to change depending on any developments in the fight against the pandemic.

King of Canada, Paul Van Dyck’s witty and biting examination of Prime Minister Mackenzie King, is a gem of a script serendipitously perfect for these difficult times. Written for an intimate audience who experience the performance as guests at a private séance, the play stars awarded actors Ellen David and Brian Dooley in tour-de-force performances. The passion of every artist involved in mounting this show is palpable and a tribute to the meaning of the performing arts in this city. In spite of the odds and obstacles, presenting this show live means everything to them. Opening night is Friday. Oct. 30. (see above caveat)

Playwright Paul Van Dyck was inspired to write about King after visiting the Edwardian mansion Fulford Place, where Mrs. Fulford held séances for her elite friends, including Prime Minister King. “After reading his biography, I saw this strange little man as the perfect character for symbolising Canada’s coming of age story. He had a buffoonish Shakespearean quality about him—he thought of himself as Henry V, but he was more like Bottom the ass. His personality belonged in a sad comedy, but his actions shaped our nation for the first half of the 20th century. There’s never been anyone like him, and there never will be again,” he stated. “As much as this play pokes fun at our dirty past, my hope is that it points a finger at our dirty present; not far from now people will be looking at the atrocities of our time… But if none of that comes across, then I hope I make some people laugh and think, because we all really need a good laugh right now.”