Invincible Dragon – Blu-ray Edition

A serial killer seems to have gotten the best of him. This makes highly skilled detective Kowloon (Jin/Max Zhang – Pacific Rim: Uprising, Ip Man 3) very upset. A moment’s slip up brings with it a heavy price.

This error leaves him without his wife to be and his job. Everything he loves is gone in one moment. All this loss is followed by a downward spiral. He hits bottom so turns to what he used to be – a fighter.

Fate works for the man who believes himself to be the unluckiest. Kowloon meets up with a formal rival in the ring. Alexander Sinclair (Anderson Silva – Tapped Out, Worms) soon seems to be the way which the former detective is going to figure out the disappearance of the woman he loves.

Wavering between being stone cold serious and goofily funny, this is a strange film. Strange in many ways. Maybe because it often feels like this is a rather piecemeal affair. Like it was made up of several different films. If not for the actors remaining the same I would have really believed that to be the case. Yes, it is that much of a mess.

While there are some cool fights between MMA star Anderson Silva and lead Zhang, they do not make up for the strangeness of the film. Overedited? Maybe. What happened to the whole fantasy element hinted at during the trailer. Why divulge who the bad guy is right off the bat? Flaw a plenty here.

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