Sometimes I Think About Dying @ Au Contraire Film Festival

A rather subtle film which comes to Au Contraire with a nice pedigree. It premiered at Sundance last year and made the rounds at other festivals winning some prizes along the way. Now here in Montreal.

Some films feel like they have to explain everything to the viewer. Hit you over the head with their message. Not the case here with Stephanie Abel Horowitz’s film. Things happen very naturally here. Supported by some nice acting, the film, though short at 12 minutes, is a delight.

The type who keeps to herself and says very little, there is plenty going on inside. What is is rather dark. Fran (Katy Wright-Mead – appeared in episodes of Boardwalk Empire and The Knick) thinks of dying. Not simply coming to the end of life as we all do, but ending her life. In dramatic fashion by hanging herself from a tree in front of her work.

Work. She is good at her work though has not made any friends there. Though she finds co-worker Robert (Jim Sarbh – The Wedding Guest) looking her way occasionally. Soon they are sending messages back and forth which leads to a movie and dinner followed by a night together.

As they get closer Fran wonders if, while spending a weekend away together, if would be wise to tell him what is on her mind. Or should she?

Depression. Being alone. These are subjects which have come to the forefront of late. We all struggle to find our place in the world. That is made more complicated when the discussion with oneself is disruptive.

Horowitz understands the story and what is to be gone for. Everything her camera does shows the isolation of Fran. Her aloneness. There is plenty of empty space around her to emphasize that. Dull colours.

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