The Narrator @ Au Contraire Film Festival

We all get tired of the same old same old when it comes to films. Rehashing of ideas, even if done well, gets a little boring after a while. So, when someone comes up with a rather original way to look at things they should be applauded.

Director Yulia Trufimova has done just that with her film The Narrator which is part of Montreal’s Au Contraire Film Festival happening now. The Narrator looks at mental health, or more specifically depression, in a new way. Without demeaning what is a serious mental health issue she looks at it with fresh eyes and plenty of humour of the left of center variety.

Originally released in 2019 this 10 minute film is set mostly in an office setting. Dave (Kyle Walters) has found himself rather depressed of late and HR has referred him to a counsellor. The counsellor has given him a personal narrator to work with. What that personal narrator does is say everything out loud which Dave is thinking.

At first it is awkward for Dave, then he really gets to like it. His narrator is saying things for him which he has never had the courage to. Others begin to think his personal narrator is rather cool. So much so that the positive effect of what Dave is doing is erased.

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