Maison 4:3 and Voyelles Films are proud to present Sin La Habana, the first fiction feature by Kaveh Nabatian (A Crack in EverythingThe Seven Last Words), produced by Gabrielle Tougas-Fréchette and Ménaïc Raoul. Set in Montreal and Cuba, and starring Yonah Acosta GonzalezAki Yaghoubi and Evelyn Castroda O’Farrill, the film will be screened as a World Premiere at the Festival du nouveau cinéma (FNC).

Sin La Habana is eligible for the National competition Grand Prize, the International Film Critics – FIPRESCI Prize and the Quebecor Prize. The 49th edition of the FNC will take place online this year from October 7 to 31, and will be available across Canada.


Leonardo and Sara, a young Afro-Cuban couple, are desperate to leave the island. They decide that the best way to emigrate is for Leonardo to seduce a foreign woman, get legal status in another country, and then send for Sara. The woman they choose is Nasim, an Iranian-Canadian divorcée who is running from an oppressive past and yearning to have fun for the first time in her life. When Leonardo convinces Nasim to marry him, he is able to move to Montreal, but his plan derails when real emotions get in the way.

SIN LA HABANA directed by Kaveh Nabatian

Based on an original story by Pablo D. Herrera Veitia

Feature Fiction. Quebec/Canada, Cuba. 94 minutes. 2020.

Original English, Farsi and Spanish version with French or English subtitles

Cinematography: Juan Pablo Ramírez AMC | Sound Design: Sylvain Bellemare | Sound Mix: Hans Laitres | Editing: Sophie Leblond | Art Direction: Valérie-Jeanne Mathieu | Original Music: Kaveh Nabatian | Costumes: Patricia McNeil| Producers: Gabrielle Tougas-Fréchette, Ménaïc Raoul | Production: Voyelles Films | Distribution: Maison 4:3