The Legend of Tomiris – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

Some films surprise you. In a good way. This is a film based on the historical figure of Queen Tomiris, who became the leader of the legendary and feared Amazonians. Interesting subject which I am surprised (call me naive) which has not previously been explored on film.

Not one to buckle under the pressure of expectations, Tomiris (played by Almira Tursyn) was born to be a queen of the Great Steppe during the 5th century B.C. While doing that she becomes a fearsome warrior and a respected leader. Doing this one while living in a very male-centric world.

Through her life Tomiris had known sadness due to loss. Wanting no more loss she takes it as her life mission to unite the two tribes – the Scythian and the Saka – under her rule. To accomplish this she is going to use her all female group of warriors known as the Amazons.

As with most films based on historical events or prople, there have been some liberties taken. Rarely should a film be thought of a a history lesson. Bringing a story to life inherently involves some dramatization. It is the degree of that which will either please or piss off some.

Not an expert on the history of the area and the people of a country we now know as Turkey, what I can tell you I appreciated about the film by director Akan Satayev was the fact that they did not make her a man hater. That she was a comeptent fighter and took care of herself in battle with her skills on hourseback while weilding a bow and arrow. Young women need to know that throughout history there have been strong women. Female heroines. A woman who united an important part of Asia and set it up defensively against potential invaders.

Director Satayev also made sure the film elements are all there. This was a nice one to look at. The landscape and scenery is beautiful. All costumes, which they did research to get right, are eye catching. All the fight scenes are downright cool…if that is something you can say about battle scenes and the involved violence…I mean this is a film, not reality.

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