Don’t Read This on a Plane

Most of the time low budget films suffer due to their lack of money. Money is needed to get the best out of everything – cinematography, sets, costumes, actors, and post production. All important things. Even if you have a good story all these things are vital to produce something of quality. While Stuart McBratney’s (Pop-Up) film does suffer some, but what the result is still an enjoyable watch.

Her first two novels were flops commercially, with her third novel author Jovana Fey (Sophie Desmarais – Funkytown, Sarah Prefere la Course) has gone a different way. Her book, entitled Don’t Read This on a Plane, tells the story of a woman who does a lot of traveling and over the course of her travels has slept with 100 women. Needless to say this type of novel does attract attention and she is about to embark on a promotional tour around Europe.

Things go awry when her publisher infroms her that he is going backrupt. So Jovana is stranded. She is low on funds and her and her husband (Allen C. Gardner – Save Yourself) don’t really have any money of their own. Knowing that this is the best way for her to gain some attention for her novel and earn some money, Jovana is determined to carry on with her book tour.

She travels to Venice, Maastricht, Budapest, Berlin, Burgundy, Santorini, Porto, and Oradea. Sleeping in hostels and people’s floors. All this causes her to question what she is doing with her life.

Drama with plenty of traval and a splash of laughs. Since we are in a travel lockdown you can travel vicariously through Jovana’s jaunt through some of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Avoiding the cliches while telling this unique travel story, the humour comes from the novel. Rather descriptive and titillating, it brings about some laughs due to the reaction of those in the audience while Jovana reads excerpts from her novel. An especially humourous moment is when she is doing a reading on a boat bookstore which is attended by just one older woman, who is….well…enjoying the reading. The entire film is made up of moments like this. Different and interesting.

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