Ms. White Light

Sometimes plays can be well-suited to be translated onto the big screen. Sometimes it doesn’t work. Meaning that things seem too stilted on film which would work on screen. Perfect example is Ms. White Light directed and written by Paul Shoulberg (The Good Catholic). A case of a film which is almost good.

Though she has precious few social skills Lex Cordova (Roberta Colindrez – from television’s Girls) is good at one thing with people – helping them die. Along with her father Gary (John Ortiz – Ad Astra, Peppermint), Lex runs a business. Not your typical business, but one which counsels terminally ill clients who they or their families have trouble with the idea of dying.

Lex is able to connect, yet still carries around cue cards to help her speak to people for fear of saying the wrong thing. Still has trouble with any other humans, so ends up spending most of her time with her father. That is until one day in a hospital waiting room she and Gary meet a guy named Spencer (Zachary Spicer – appeared in episodes of Madam Secretary and Master of None).

At the same time her latest client is Valerie (Judith Light – from television’s The Politician), a woman who is a free spirit and so tests Lex’s way of doing things. This all leads to Lex questioning the way she has done things so far in life. Even her career choice.

While Colindrez is perfectly cast as Lex and brings this strange character to life while making her really likable. Despite her oddness. She is the reason (along with a short but endearing turn, despite her brashness, by Judith Light) to watch this film which is definitely uneven.

Spent the film wondering when the story and the way it was being brought to the screen was going to catch up with the performances by the cast. Never really happened unfortunately.

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