Comedy is a complex genre. Many dismiss it as fluff. While that may be true for a section of the genre, some have many more layers. Tribes is that type of film.

Directed by Nino Aldi, recently the film was selected by Just for Laughs as the funniest short film from around the world. Something those behind and in the film can be quite proud of.

Though there are laughs due to some clever writing and a ridiculous situation amongst the three thieves, what truly sets this film apart from others is its message. A message that despite what many think what really is important is that we are all more alike than we are different. We all belong to one tribe.

Jamar, Kevin and Amed are three thugs who plan to rob the passengers on a subway car between two stops. They have ten minutes to do so. Seems like a simple plan, until unity within diversity gets in the way.

Each of the men does not want to rob from anyone who looks like them or is from their ehtnic background. A debate begins and the clock is ticking until they reach the next stop.

This film is well-written and acted, funny and timely.


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