Les Films Opale is pleased to announce the release of director Marc Di Domenico’s documentary AZNAVOUR, LE REGARD DE CHARLES. Narrated by actor Romain Duris, the film combines images shot by Charles Aznavour and some rare archives, started screening in Quebec on Thursday, October 1st. This is a symbolic date as it will mark the second anniversary of the death of the legendary singer.


In 1948, Edith Piaf offered her first camera to Charles Aznavour, a Paillard which never left him. Until 1982 Charles filmed hours of film that formed the body of his filmed diary. Aznavour films his life and lives as he films. Everywhere he goes, his camera is there with him. It records everything. The moments of life, the places he goes, his friends, his loves, his annoyances.
A few months after his death, Marc di Domenico began to look through his films. He then decided to make a film of it, his film. “Le Regard de Charles”: the filmed diary of a world legend.

For AZNAVOUR, LE REGARD DE CHARLES, a biographical film with a new look, director Marc Di Domenico has selected excerpts of a rare quality from archival reels discovered in the Provençal home of the singer. Indeed, being a great lover of cinema, Charles Aznavour has always cared for the images captured in his life: his friends such as Edith Piaf, Lino Ventura or Françoise Sagan; his wife Ulla; his father and his relatives but also during his travels, on tour and other moments. The voice of actor Romain Duris echoes the words and texts written by the singer and thus helping to offer an intimate portrait of the legendary Charles Aznavour.