Absurdist wedding plays out in JOEY, directed by Jessica Hinkson and Laura Nordin

A Short Film Directed by Jessica Hinkson and Laura Nordin

Written by Jessica Hinkson




You know a wedding really is primed to be the most beautiful day of one’s life, when even the bird droppings are pink.

But, though she’s adorned in an angelic dress that Aphrodite would approve of, Joey (Lucie Guest) is clearly troubled. The tableau in front of her, features a Classical arch, and the important people in her life dancing giddily in slow motion. Prominent among them: her husband-to-(maybe)-be Trey (Daniel Stolfi), whose come-hither look seems more like a leer, a warning as he takes turns dancing with bridesmaids.

Trey has been unfaithful, but this isn’t ultimately why Joey pulls him aside to tell him the wedding’s off. “There are some flowers that shouldn’t be together,” she tells Trey in French. And off she goes, on a trance-like quest to find herself.

Jessica Hinkson and Laura Nordin’s impressionist and irreverent short film Joey is practically a dream within a dream, a fanciful and colourful tableau of thoughts and doubts, expressed by everything from friends who read her mind to inner voices that quote Patti Smith lyrics.

Awash in colour, courtesy of cinematographer Gabriela Osio Vanden, and a playful pop-score by Janal Bechthold, Joey is “an exploration of fantasy colliding with reality,” the filmmakers say.

“The dream, rooted in her past and present experiences, tell her what is real is not as important as what is true in her heart.

“We hope we have created a dreamscape of enduring mystery. This world is an extension of our inner explorer. It is wondrous, absurd and playful. It’s the amusement park ride that is our inner life.”

Joey is produced by Filmcoop’s Jen Pogue and Emily Andrews, and Executive Produced by Clique’s Lauren Grant.

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