OVID.tv – NOW STREAMING: Patricio Guzman’s Cannes-Award Winner THE CORDILLERA OF DREAMS & More

This week OVID premieres Patricio Guzmán’s Cannes Film Festival Best Documentary Award-winning The Cordillera of Dreams, which completes his trilogy (with Nostalgia for the Light and The Pearl Button) investigating the relationship between historical memory, political trauma and geography in his native country of Chile.

It’s the first time this film is available on any streaming service and OVID is the only place to watch Patricio Guzman’s major films. Don’t miss the new extras including:

  • Interview with Patricio Guzmán (25 mins)
  • A presentation of Guzmán’s films by Julian Joly (10 mins)
  • Making of The Cordillera of Dreams (7 mins)
  • Interview with Rolando Abarca, sculptor (5 mins)
  • Interview with Angela Leible, painter (6 mins)

Another new and exclusive stream is Sean Blacknell & Wayne Walsh’s The Cost of Living, which explores the current socio-economic state of Britain and questions of Basic Income.

And, for everyone obsessed with politics, we’ve curated a new collection of twenty-three films called DEMOCRACY AND ITS DISCONTENTS that explores the history and nature of democracy as we approach Election Day.

Read on for more details on this week’s new releases and the collection “Democracy and Its Discontents”:

The Cordillera of Dreams
Directed by Patricio Guzman
 Winner of the Best Documentary award at the Cannes Film Festival, master filmmaker Patricio Guzmán’s The Cordillera of Dreams completes his trilogy (with Nostalgia for the Light and The Pearl Button) investigating the relationship between historical memory, political trauma, and geography in his native country of Chile. It centers on the imposing landscape of the Andes that run the length of the country’s Eastern border. At once protective and isolating, magisterial and indifferent, the Cordillera serves as an enigmatic focal point around which Guzmán contemplates the enduring legacy of the 1973 military coup d’état.

The Cost of Living
Directed by Sean Blacknell & Wayne Walsh
 THE COST OF LIVING is a documentary that explores the current socio-economic state of Britain and considers how the idea of a basic income could minimize poverty and the sociological toll of a growing precarious class. The film focuses on the feasibility of a basic income, John Rawls’ theory of justice, automation and ultimately asks should there still be a cost attributed to survival?

Democracy and Its Discontents
A Collection of 23 Films
 The films range from Chris Marker’s “The Owl’s Legacy: Democracy, or City of Dreams,” a discussion of democracy in ancient Greece and the ways it differs from democracies today to the documentary “Capturing The Flag,” about a tight-knit group of friends who travel to Cumberland County, North Carolina, the so-called “posterchild” for voter suppression, the Peabody Award-winning “Chisholm ’72,” an inspiring look at Shirley Chisholm, the first black woman to run for president in the U.S., and even comedic relief in the form of Kevin Rafferty and James Ridgeway’s “Feed” a documentary that uses satellite footage shot during the 1992 presidential primaries to show how candidates like Bill Clinton, Pat Buchanan and then President George H.W. Bush among others acted when they thought no one was looking.

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