Cut Throat City – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

Hurricane Katrina was devastating in many ways – environmental, economic and emotionally for the residents. As is the case with many things those who were most vulnerable – the elderly, poor and ethnic – were those hardest hit. Some never recovered. As is often the case, we just moved on to the next disaster and forgot about them. They never really got the help they needed to get back on their feet.

A situation filled with heartbreak and corruption. So that usually means a subject ripe with stories. Stories which draw filmmakers in. We all love to watch a movie featuring how humans react under tough conditions. Will they collapse under the pressure or emerge triumphant? These are the questions/issues pondered by rapper/actor/director RZA.

RZA is a multi-talented man with his fingers in a lot of pies. Music (Wu-Tang Clan and solo) and film. He is in front and behind the scenes. Directing is one of the latest things he has tried out as he has been acting for quite a while having appeared in films like Popstars: Never Stop Never Stopping, G.I Joe: Retaliation and American Gangster. This is his third film. His move to behind the camera has got off to a bumpy start with the first two films not receiving great reviews. Unfortunately for fans of the rapper, this one is not going to either.

It is a long film coming in at two hours and 12 minutes. Some of the fat could have been trimmed as you feel the time passing while you are watching.

Despite the fact that there are plenty of well known entities within the cast it does not end up “saving” the film. Ethan Hawke, Tip “T.I.” Harris, Kat Graham, Wesley Snipes, Terrence Howard, Eisa Gonzalez, and Isaih Washington are all here, but can do nothing about the poor script. Zero character development left me not really caring about anyone.

During Hurricane Katrina those living in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward were those most affected by the disaster. Many returned to find they had lost everything – their jobs, homes and that the government was not even really going to help. Many were at the end of their ropes.

Four childhood friends have decided that enough is enough and they are not going to take it anymore. Though the only way that seems available to them to get themselves out of this hole is to do something crazy and illegal. They are desperate. Desperates times, desperate measures they say.

Things go wrong and soon the four friends find themselves being pursued by two detectives who won’t give up and a gang leader who thinks they have stolen his money.

Special Features:

-Behind the Scenes

-Deleted Scenes


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