Kosha Dillz’ Nobody Cares Except You 2020 album has been in creation since 2018. The 14 song album is produced in majority by Sam Barsh and 16-year-old Snowball Beats, but also includes 3 songs with #1 hitmaker Jeremiah Raisen aka Sad Pony, and a guest track from Kool Kojak. The ironic title was based on his self-realization that being self-seeking will never fulfill him entirely. Dillz’ album clashes with the struggle of Nobody Cares vs. Nobody Cares Except You; a concept that can only be achieved with time, and something he has been exploring with the hope of developing a better relationship with his fans. The album features key features from Fat Tony, Gangsta Boo, and Matisyahu, and comes out October 16 on his own imprint Rapperfrends. Originally scheduled to be released in April on tour with RDGLDGRN and Little Stranger, COVID19 caused a huge burden in his plans including the canceling of a 28 city tour and multiple festival appearances and all of his 2020 work for him and thousands of other friends in the industry.

After much-needed self-reflection before the push back of the original release date, this album morphed with different tracklistings into something it wasn’t intended to be; authentic normalization in the pursuit of personal happiness by caring for one another, regardless of so-called industry rules and boundaries. The diversity in his songs needed to be on the same collective work to properly tell his story. We need Tommy PIckles, a Rug Rats adult anthem, on the same album as Is It Me, a braggadocio ego-driven confidence builder. We need Schmoozin’ , a Yiddish Klezmer party song on the same album as Solo, a heartfelt and collaboration with Gangsta Boo of Three 6 Mafia who raps about the death of her father.. A collaboration with Matisyahu needs to be on the same album as W9, an independent blue-collar hustler anthem. All these works embody the many facets of who Kosha Dillz, or Rami, has become of the 15 years of releasing music with some of the most sought out producers/songwriters. A guy who is known for using funny freestyles to deal with his personal darkness and hardships

Kosha Dillz has been a force in the alternative rap scene with various major label pop-ins. Collaborations ranging from Rza of Wu-Tang Clan and EDM legend Kaskade to the Yo Gabba Gabba show and Turquoise Jeep have shown that diversity is the main strength of consistency. Freestyle rap has managed to take him from the streets outside of the Grammys to television appearances and Billboard Charting albums. Nobody Cares Except You will be the next level jump that he has been prepping to take for the past few years. This time, he isn’t rapping about objects he finds on the floor in front of large crowds because he only had 2 minutes of stage time. This is his real story.

Nobody Cares Except You is not only meant to be an album that claims kindness, but also a social statement to encourage the change in a selfish world, as we have seen in articles about 90 % of small venues are in danger of closing, many where has performed at and earned much of his living. Dillz has taken it upon himself to step away from self-promotion, and promote the stories and causes of those who are in more need than himself.

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